Terje Torkellsen – Don’t Demystify

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Terje Torkellsen is truly a musical gem and quite possibly one of Norway’s most promising songwriters.
Taking a step forward and into the spotlight from his other bands/projects (Mats Wawa, Geetar, Palmface), he released his debut single Sean in 2018, a tribute to his own favorite song writer Sean O’Hagan. This single was followed it up with another tribute, Yani Martinelli in 2019.
While his two first singles featured maximalistic and lush instrumentation, his new song ‘Don’t Demystify’ is more of a stripped down affair, but the song writing is even better.

You can stream it now via your preferred streaming service.
According to Torkellsen the lyrics are about «being in a struggle between your own delusions and someone who claims to know all the answers». Musically this is classic and timeless songwriting with a nod towards the kind of country music that would fit into Evan Dando and the Lemonheads catalog. In other words, music that fits perfectly into gentle spring nights and summer days in the park.
Terje Torkellsen will be following up this single with another song this summer, and rumour has it that there’s even more material coming up.

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