Divest – Time Well Spent

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The Oslo based indie quartet Divest has now released their debut album Time Well Spent.

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“Time Well Spent’ is pure and simply unadulterated pop: it’s fun, its quirky and packed full of melodic songs that can’t help but make you smile.” – Backseatmafia.com

“something worth monitoring, especially those who jangle at the altar of The Strokes and early shades of Vampire Weekend.» – Vanyaland.com

Norwegian outfit bring the same bouncing feel as Phoenix to their latest indie-pop delight” – Mysticsons.com

“Based around stressing out when thinking about your own identity, Who You Are by Divest is a fun, indie pop foot stomper.” – Vinylchapters.com

Divest is a fresh Oslo-based indie rock quartet that is sure to make waves the coming years.  The band released their debut EP ‘No Hits Only Hats’ last year. An EP with 5 energetic, but somehow laid back guitar based indie rock songs heavily influenced by The Strokes and The Velvet Underground. The release was followed up with the excellent, and far more poppy single Passing Through. Both the latter single and several songs from the EP gained support from Norwegian national broadcaster NRK P3.
Since then the band has recorded their debut album which finds them fusing the sunny side of the Passing Through single, with the grittier side of their debut EP.
Their debut album is simply a prime example of instant and extremely catchy guitar based pop/rock. Musically it bounces between the rowdy American sound of their debut EP and the elegant, poppy sound of «Passing Through».

 – Ten songs about being young, stupid, smart and sad. About life before, through the early and mid twenties. We stopped caring about the perfect album. This is not a perfect album. It’s a real album, is what Divest has to say about their excellent debut.

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