Snasen – Failing Upwards EP out now

Snasen’s new EP is out now, and you can stream the whole thing at XLR8R, Dummy Mag, The Fader and No Fear of Pop!
The new Snasen EP called Failing Upwards was released on feb. 15th and you can stream the whole EP over at  XLR8RDummy MagNo Fear of Pop and The Fader.

Buy it: WiMP / iTunes / Amazon MP3 / Beatport / Emusic / Spotify / Bandcamp

People who know music said this about the Snasen:

“Rengard finds a structure and builds it to a brief, glitchy climax that breaks the song down to its disparate elements so naturally that you wonder if it ever existed in the first place.”

“…what makes it stand out is the textured layers that get added in: glitchy twinkles, radio static. It’s a tasteful song that propels even as it remains unintrusive.”

“…a deep, glacial number, dewed with deadened snaps and hollow percussive samples. A slowly moving bassline and some grim vocal cuts eventually overtake his production, plunging the track further into a heady and emotional place.”

THE 405:
“…boasts odes to techno, cosmic happenings and Vessel-esque noises”